Wentworth Season 4 Episode 1 Recap: Who Is Ferguson Controlling? (Part 2)

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Wentworth Season 4 Episode 12 Spoilers
Wentworth Season 4 Episode 12 Spoilers

The previous recap left off with Kim being detained to be brought to the clinic after scaling the fence out in the courtyard and sustaining some cuts from the barbed wires. Doreen is still overly worried about her son, Joshua, and the events in the prison concerning drugs. She wants Bea to do something about the drugs rampant in the prison.

Soon after, Kim is shown struggling in the clinic while she is strained on a hospital bed and given something to sedate her to calm down. She has, apparently, taken meth according to Vera and Will?s conversation about Kim being the third meth case of the month and has asked to order a search of the prison cells. However, Vera wants to hide this side of the prison until after the prison is looked by the board. Bea goes to Will and asks him what he?s doing to do about it and gets dismissed instead.

Drug source

Tina, another prisoner who was shown in the earlier seasons with the Filipino prisoner, was shown washing off a piece of plastic with possibly some drugs in the bathroom. Bea and Maxine enter and catch her in the act, then Maxine proceeds to beat her up in front of all the other prisoners, making an example of Tina to stop drugs from entering Wentworth. Out in the courtyard, Kaz gives a little sermon to her girls asking them if they still think Bea is a hero after having beaten up Tina by Maxine. It?s like she?s brainwashing them to hate Bea to the core by telling the girls that ?The abused is now the abuser.?

Back to Ferguson

Bridget works at Wentworth again! She passes by Ferguson, and they have a conversation that was soon ended when Ferguson mentions how Frankie is and that she can smell Frankie on her. Freaky! Doreen enters the scene and sees Ferguson where Doreen was immediately sent away as Ferguson, again, gives a freaky look.

Cafeteria drama

In the cafeteria, Boomer says she?s pregnant because her breasts are sore, and according to her, they are never sore. Bea and Allie have a little staring contest, and Allie turns to Kaz saying, ?You gotta admit. She?s pretty impressive.? pertaining to Bea. Oh yes she is! She sees how more drugs are being trafficked into the prison as someone pours tomato juice in a cup while everyone is going about their business. Doreen comes in telling Bea that Ferguson is being kept in the prison wherein she immediately goes to Vera and gives her an ultimatum that in ?order for them to work together then you should have told me about that.? Vera reasons out that Wentworth is the only facility with maximum protection units, and that it?s her problem not Bea?s. These scriptwriters are so predictably unpredictable!

Back to Ferguson again

It seems that someone is under Ferguson?s control as she is handed a pencil in her cell. Vera comes walking out of the prison where a prison guard is outside smoking and looks as if they will do something to Vera. She looks a bit like Ferguson actually, younger version. She didn?t do anything drastic though as the guard gave her a letter from Ferguson with some pills that Vera thought are her anti-psychotic drugs.

Frankie and Bridget

These two lovebirds are now living together, but it may prove to be detrimental to Frankie?s parole. Bridget gets a weird phone call with no one on the other end and doesn?t think much about it. However, viewers were given a glimpse that someone was watching them from outside. Frankie proceeds to tell Bridget what happened on her interview, and Bridget tells her about Ferguson being kept at Wentworth until her trial. Bridget also tells her that Ferguson knows that they have been living together.

Prisoner heat

The show is really packing in heat with Allie and Bea. Back at the prison, Doreen leaves Bea in the shower alone where Allie and Bea have another staring contest (not to mention Allie is kind of H-O-T!). Bea confronts her while opening her shower to see Allie?s naked bottom. Allie turns around stark naked and just looks at Bea up and down. She then tells Bea that she?s getting disappointed that she always lets someone else do ?her dirty work?. Bea proceeds to push her against the bathroom wall with the shower running asking if it?s what Allie wants. To which Allie replies, ?Is it getting you wet?? It?s safe to assume two things that Allie is riding up Bea or that she likes her. Okay, you?ll find out that Allie was trying to hit on Bea, which totally disgusts her and leaves the bathroom.

Vera has a nosebleed and tries to control it as the press is waiting outside. She manages to pick herself back up and talk in front of the press about Wentworth. The episode ends with a lot of twists and turns as to what to expect in the next episode. Important questions to ask are: Who is watching Frankie and Bridget? Will Red care for Allie in a romantic manner? Who is Ferguson controlling? Is it one of the prison guards?

The next episode will be showing on May 17. Wentworth Season 4 airs every Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. AUT on SoHo.

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