Wentworth Bea Smith Rumors: She?s Alive In An Alternate Season 4 Finale Being Filmed?

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Wentworth Bea Smith rumors say that she could actually be alive in an alternate Season 4 finale which is reportedly being filmed. Season 5 will possibly see her return but with lesser screen time as she recovers in the hospital. ?

A new possible plot twist for the prison drama will be Smith?s appearance in the finale of Season 5. Just when everybody has moved on from her death and accepted that she?s gone, that?s when the big shocker happens.

According to Movie News Guide, what fuels the speculation that Bea lives is the lack of evidence that she is dead. Fans did not exactly see her breathe her last breath in the Season 4 finale, but instead, the ending left fans hoping for her survival. Her condition may be severely critical but, who knows? Miracles could still happen. She is the show?s lead star after all. Maybe she has immunity, and could even be treated to a Jon Snow comeback.

So right now, fans are still clinging to the hope that Bea may be alive and recuperating in the hospital. However, a Redditor pointed out that actress Danielle Cormack, who plays Bea, has blonde hair again, which is her natural hair color. But Bea?s hair in the Australian TV series is darker in a brownish, reddish shade.

The Redditor posted, ?Lots of people have been speculating about Danielle?s hair and suggesting she?s been hiding it in recent social media posts. As of last night at an event in Sydney, she?s still blonde. I had a shred of hope, but it?s all but gone.?

But another Redditor commented that her hair color won?t matter if she?s recovering in the hospital from, say, a coma. Then that means she?s going to be off screen for a while and her hair color won?t really matter. But after her hopeful comment, the user added, ?Kidding (well, I hoped anyway but yeah, pretty sure Bea is dead). Writers messed up IMO. Plenty more Bea stories to tell.?

Bea is the top dog in Wentworth Prison, whose backstory has been significantly tackled throughout the series. Her life before prison might have been worse being a victim of an abusive husband, who she tried to murder after being beaten one morning. She is the lead player in the series and her death could open doors to new characters and new storylines for existing characters.

What do you think? Are you still clinging on to hope of a Jon Snow comeback for Bea? Or have you finally accepted her tragic demise? ??

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