Wentworth Australia’s Kate Jenkinson Gay in Real Life? [UPDATE]

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Wentworth Season 5
Wentworth Season 5

Foxtel?s ?Wentworth? is gaining a lot of popularity since it came out in May 2013. It is currently running on its fourth season with its first three seasons up on Netflix. During the release of ?Wentworth? Season 4 premiere, there were many new characters introduced. One of the new characters was Allie Novak played by Kate Jenkinson.

Quick Background

Jenkinson is an Australian actress. She graduated from the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts or WAAPA. She has gained traction over the years by playing roles in multiple TV series that include ?The Wedge? and American sitcom ?Super Fun Night? with another Australian actress, Rebel Wilson. She has recently started her role as Allie Novak in Foxtel?s hit show ?Wentworth.? She has been one of the most favored characters in ?Wentworth? Season 4. She plays a lesbian that has relations with Bea Smith, played by Danielle Cormack. Many Allie and Bea ?shippers? have been making GIFs or photoshopping photos of the on-screen couple. This has left many wondering whether or not one of them may be part of the LGBT community in real life.

Wenworth Season 4

Just one of the many Ballie shippers’ work.

Is Kate Jenkinson or Danielle Cormack gay in real life?

After some digging on social media, TheBitBag team has confirmed that one of them is a lesbian in real life. If you couldn?t guess who it is, it?s Jenkinson! A lot of people have been speculating on lesbian online forums whether or not Jenkinson is really a lesbian, like Zetaboards, is saying, ?Do we think Kate Jenkinson has always been gay? I kinda get the feeling that this girl is her first?? Although Jenkinson herself is not active on social media, her partner, Torri Shack, seems to be. No one knows how long these two have been together. However, it seems that they are happy, and Jenkinson has even met Shack?s family.

Happy Father’s Day to my daddy!

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Catch up with Jenkinson in the upcoming ?Wentworth? Season 4 Episode 10. ?Wentworth? Season 4 airs every Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. AEST on SoHo.

Stay tuned to TheBitBag for more Wentworth-y news, and don?t forget to comment below and tell us what else you want to see or hear about ?Wentworth!?


UPDATE:?Jenkinson has made an Instagram account today @katejenko.

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