Weird Animal With ‘Body Of Buffalo And Head Of Crocodile Baffles The People Of Wanghin In Thailand

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Half Buffalo Half Crocodile

A strangely deformed creature was born to a healthy buffalo in a rural village in eastern Thailand?s Sisaket Province. The owners admitted that they were puzzled by this incident because the mother buffalo?s litter before this was actually very healthy and was nothing remotely similar with this mutant animal with the body of a buffalo and the head of a crocodile.

The baby buffalo, which died shortly after it was born as Thai online news site Rath reported, has an unusual scaly, crackling skin, a flat elongated snout-like head, making it look slightly reptilian but also has four limbs with a hoof at the end of each and a body of a mammal.

Villagers are in awe of this creature and are lining up just to take a look and touch it. They are also bringing offerings as well as lighting candles and incense believing that the strange creature is going to bring them luck. Most of these locals actually consider this creature as an offspring of a match between the mother buffalo and a father crocodile. Thus, they have this belief that this is some sort of a lucky charm for the people to revere and honor.

Although the animal does look like a half mammal-half reptile mutant, it is illogical to believe that a mammal and a reptile would mate and produce an offspring. Looking at it closely one can see that if you take away the scale-like skin, you will see a severely deformed buffalo. Most likely the baby buffalo has an acute, awful case of genetic skin disorder somewhat akin to a human condition called, Harlequin ichthyosis.

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