Weightlifting Fairy Episode 5 recap, Episode 6 spoilers: Kim Bok Joo Secrets Exposed?

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Screenshots from MBC’s official YouTube page

Weightlifting Fairy episode 5 aired last night and teased at trouble lurking ahead for Kim Bok Joo. Based on the trailer for episode 6, it seemed like the lead character?s secrets will be exposed to her teammates.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo stars Lee Sung Kyung in playing the title role of a female weightlifter. Nam Joo Hyuk portrays her close friend, a swimmer named Jung Joon Hyung. Lee Jae Yoon and Jee Joo Young, respectively, play their friends, Jung Jae Yi and Lee Sun Ok.

Jung Jae Yi

In Weightlifting Fairy episode 5, the female lead convinced Joon Young to be silent about her feelings for Jung Jae Yi, an obesity doctor. However, their other friends began to get skeptical due to several clues.


Screenshots from MBC’s official YouTube page

A trailer for Weightlifting Fairy episode 6 teased at how her secret admiration might be revealed very soon. The clip began with Joon Hyung at a bus stop as Lee Jae Yoon’s character dropped off the female protagonist.

The star swimmer then explained to Kim Bok Joo that his brother is not interested in girls. She brushes him off by saying that guys usually do not prefer female weightlifters anyway.

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Joon Jae and Kim Bok Joo

In order to comfort her, Joon Young assured the female lead that there is ?nothing wrong with female weightlifters. I think they are great,? he said.

They eventually decided to shrug off the issue and went out with Kim Bok Joo?s dad and uncle. However, the two seniors secretly observed the close friends.

The sequence hinted at the possible romance between Joon Jae and the main star.

Jung Nan Hee

Later on, the promo revealed a scene wherein Coach Choi Sung Eun instructed Kim Bok Joo about having to gain more weight. The clip ended with Jung Nan Hee discovering what happened to her friend and the obesity doctor.

Because of this, it is possible that Cho Hye Jung?s character will betray her friend. Viewers will get to see if she will spill the lead star?s secrets to everyone when episode 6 airs tonight.


Screenshots from MBC’s official YouTube page

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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo reviews

Aside from the events in Weightlifting Fairy episode 5 and spoilers for tonight?s show, the internet has been abuzz with compliments about Lee Sung Kyung.

Many were initially hesitant if the model-actress could portray such a physical role. K-drama fans also thought that her slender figure does not make her an effective weightlifter.

However, the recent episodes of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo has been praised by a lot of people online. Aside from Sung Kyung?s weight gain for the show, fans have been commending the cast for their believable portrayal of each character.

What did you think of Weightlifting Fairy episode 5? How do you think will things play out when the series airs tonight? Let us know by commenting below and make sure to keep following TheBitBag for updates.

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