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Weedmaps Spends Part of Its $30M Per Annum Revenue To Have Pot Legalized in NYC

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Weedmaps, known as a legal online community that lets its users discuss and review various types of cannabis and local legal dispensaries, has spent part of its whopping $30 million annual revenue to see the legalization of weed in New York City.

?High, NYC? along with the link to its site and #HighNYC will flash across the Super Screen CBS. The link leads to a site for a petition to legalize marijuana in NYC.

Weedmaps, founded in 2008, is now a public company that has absorbed the community website and the sale system MMJmenu. What started out as a site to help locals find legal weed has since transformed into a community that promotes transparency in pricing as well as healthy competition that brings prices down.

General Cannabis Inc., later known as SearchCore, acquired the site earlier but has since brought Weedmaps back to the original founders.

Recreational marijuana is now legal in Washington and in Colorado. Meanwhile, twenty states, including most of New England and the West Coast, allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes. These two factors are the key to the blossoming of Weedmaps? business. The site charges ?delivery services and shops to list the reviews of their products and services. The site supports dispensaries, and it plans to stock hydrophonic stores, pack head shops, vaporizers and other similar articles. There are also links to articles about weed education and guides to the best local smoking spots.

According to its CEO and co-founder Justin Hartfield, the site seeks to have access to the mainstream, as well as educate New Yorkers education and proactive branding. Weedmaps envisions that the pot market, once pot is legalized, will be more professionalized, corporatized, and with amateur players pushed out of the equation. This way, weed becomes safer, and will create huge business opportunities for everyone. The government also wins in this scenario due to taxes.

Optimists predict that medical marijuana will obtain a go-signal in 2014. Some also predict that recreational pot will be legal in a few more years.

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