WeChat Reaches 396 Million Active Users: Reasons Behind This Success and How the China-Based Messaging App Fares Against Competitors

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WeChat reaches 396 million users

WeChat?s creator, the China-based Internet company Tencent, recently published their financials for the first quarter of 2014. It revealed that by the end of March the messaging application already has 396 million monthly active users, up from 355 million in the previous quarter.

This development made WeChat a lot closer to its major competitor WhatsApp?s 450 million monthly active users by the time it was acquired by social media giant Facebook for $ 16 billion last February. At present, it is reported that WhatsApp now has 500 million active users worldwide. Furthermore, it should be noted that WeChat is known in China as ?Weixin? where it is the dominant mobile messaging service. The 396 million count covers both Weixin and WeChat active users.

WeChat has always been compared to WhatsApp, Viber, and other popular mobile messaging applications. But there are some areas where the Tencent-made messaging app noticeably excels at. ?One area is its availability to different platforms. All three of these major messaging services are supported on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone. But only WeChat and Viber have versions that are available to the desktop. But WeChat is a few steps ahead of Viber because of its feature that lets users send files from the browser to the phone and its relatively easier method of linking the phone app to the desktop platform via QR codes.

Another interesting innovation made by WeChat is a very handy translation feature. Users only need to long-press on a message, click on the ?Translate? option that will appear and the app will display the translated text right below the original message. However, this new feature is only available to the iOS version of the app as of the moment.

Following the announcement of their earnings report, Tencent has not divulged where they are gaining the largest amount of growth. What is known right now is that they are making a lot of efforts to push their messaging service to emerging markets such as Brazil, Mexico, and India. The China-based company did not provide any country-specific values. Though WeChat is currently leading the mobile messaging race in China, the more pressing challenge for them is to significantly saturate markets in Europe and the United States where the major players are Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.


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