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WeChat Debuts in Africa; Faces Steep Competition Against Facebook’s WhatsApp

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Maybe it?s a bit too late, but China?s biggest internet based mobile messaging app “WeChat”?is joining the bandwagon in Africa. Following what Facebook?s ?WhatsApp? has done before, it?s a steep competition for the former. Currently, ?WhatsApp? has over one billion users worldwide and even in the portion of Africa?s booming business, the latter?s dominance is far too familiar compared to ?WeChat.?

But that?s not going to stop the Chinese based app; in fact, it has joined its rival in the African region because they see the place?s apparent positive move to modern technologies that include internet based messaging apps. The only advantage of WeChat that we currently see now are the several features of the app that allows users to do money transfers, airtime purchases and online selling.

In a statement made by Brett Loubser, head of WeChat Africa, he said ?That’s at the heart of the story for us because we knew that we were late to the market compared to other instant messaging apps and so we realized that focusing on chat services was not the most practical way to get to market.?

According to Reuters, users of the ?WeChat? application complained the lack of other users of the app that, it?s quite impossible for them to maximize its use. Whereas WhatsApp has more users that it?s likely for them to use it as an everyday service. In comparison, ?WeChat? competes with only half of ?WhatsApp?s? current users for example; in Africa, where at least 10 million locals use the app, only 5 million in region also uses the WeChat application.


While an IT analyst says, there?s a possibility that ?WeChat? can level to WhatsApp using its monetization strategies, it won?t be long before the Facebook based internet messaging app can catch up and claim its spot in the competition. Loubser even added ?We looked very carefully at what the platform can achieve beyond just messaging because people use products when there’s value for them.?

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