Wearable Tech Fashion Show Unveils High – Tech Fashion for Average Shoppers

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Designers hope to introduce wearable tech fashion that caters to the average shopper. Ten companies presented their high ? tech clothing and accessories at the Tech in Motion fashion show Wednesday night. This show takes a part of the Social Media Week 2014, a global platform that gathers people, conversation and content on emerging social media trends.

Tech in Motion

Tech in Motion is this year?s host and its marketing manager Justin Miller said that wearable tech is still very fresh. He added that the concept is something that is up and coming. Some companies are introducing innovating fashion using new technology that would be accessible for everyone.

Integrating Technology in Fashion


So, what designs were seen in the wearable tech fashion show? San Francisco ? based company created the Knitted Brain Sensor that changes color based on your brain?s activity. Another design they showcased was the mood sweater that switches from tranquil green to ecstatic yellow, depending on the person?s mood.

Philadelphia ? based Leslie Birch is a new media arts and technology special who designed the Florabella, a wearable tech that lights up in a wide range of colors. New York City ? based company, TheLaserGirls, introduced the 3D ? printed nails.

Different Reactions from the Audience

Rajiah Williams attended the wearable tech fashion show wearing the Google Glass. She felt enthusiastic about the new and fresh designs. Williams said she felt obsessed with the umbrella and thinks that tech and fashion will make sense when practicality is considered. Rob Mason, on the other hand, was a bit hesitant since he is a ?dude? and may prefer to wear gadget accessories instead.

The Future of Fashion

The Wearable Tech Fashion Show hosted by Tech in Motion last Wednesday, featured technology ? integrated apparel with brilliant colors and designs. This event series was organized for local tech communites across the country. The fashion show presented various high ? tech fashion designs such as LED clothing, 3D printed work, Google Glass and other new and unusual designs.

The integration of fashion and technology showcased the innovative soul of fashion. It looks into the possibility of creating stylish clothing and accessories that are fit for the future. Obviously, this fashion show is showing how technology will play a role in the fashion scene years from now.

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