Wearable Solar : High End Fashion That Charges Your iPhone or Android Devices

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Wearable Solar : High End Fashion That Charges Your iPhone or Android Devices

In the Netherlands, hi-technology meets high-end fashion in ?Wearable Solar?, premium garments containing solar panels that enable wearers to charge their iPhones, Android smartphones and other mobile devices.

Those who opt for hi-tech devices need not sacrifice their passion for high-end fashion or premium clothes. The need for gadgets, especially mobile phones affects everyone, including those who are considered ?fashionistas? (described by Wikipedia as ? A person devoted to fashion clothing, particularly unique or high fashion).

This situation has resulted in a number of outdoor mobile energy solutions for charging our ever present mobile devices. Accessories such as handbags and umbrellas have been modified to contain charging mechanisms, to make sure that our smartphones and tablets do not run out of juice.

Now, a fashion designer based in the Netherlands has come up with ?Wearable Solar?, a line of high end fashion that is equipped with solar panels.

Wearable Solar is designed to not only maintain your standing in the fashion community, but also to make sure that you can re-charge your mobile device even when an electric socket is not available.

Christian Holland, an entrepreneur, came up with the idea of Wearable Solar when he imagined how people, who are very fashionably dressed, and who attended ?outdoor, day-long music festivals? needed to charge their mobile devices, which was quite impossible without a plug socket, or carrying the current ?unfashionable? solar charging accessories.

He approached Gert Jan Jongerden, a solar energy expert as well as Pauline van Dongen, an experimental designer to work on the project.

Holland’s team eventually created 2 prototype wearables – a dress and a coat.

Both items are made of ?fashionable? leather and wool and contains flexible and rigid solar strips.

A part of the clothing contains the solar cells in foldable strips that can be removed and kept if they are not needed.

The coat’s rigid solar cells number around 72 while the dress contains 48 panels that are flexible. Each of these 2 items are capable of charging a regular smartphone after being under the sun for 2 hours.

No announcement has yet been made if Holland and his team will actually bring the high ? fashion solar wearables to market, but the buzz being created online show that there are people who do not want to sacrifice their high-fashion sense in order to use their mobile devices when and where they want.


Below is a video showing us more about Wearable Solar.


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