Wearable Keyboard Launching Soon; Will It Kill The Mobile Keyboard? See How It Works

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wearable keyboard
wearable keyboard

Who says you can?t touch type when you?re on the go? Tap Systems Inc. has created a wearable device that you can wear on your hand, which makes virtually anything become a QWERTY keyboard. You just have to follow simple steps before being able to use the device.

What?s so special about this?

According to The Tap website, the wearable keyboard will be connected to the Bluetooth of your phone ?that turns anything you can touch into a typing surface.? The website entices its potential buyers with the slogan ?Change the way you interact with your world. Tap turns the tactile world into a keyboard. Tap into endless possibilities.? The slogan is shown with a photo of a person?s hand on a bike wearing the wearable keyboard device.

How to use the Tap Strap

In the Tap website, the company says that you can easily use the wearable keyboard in three simple steps. First, you will have to create a Tap account. Second, you will have to download the Tap app from the App store or the Market. After these two steps, you can pair with your mobile device or other devices compatible with the Tap device to start tapping away.

The Tap Strap is said to have a series of sensors embedded to help monitor the mechanical information of the hands and fingers. The MCU in the Tap Strap processes the information and decodes the data into finger tap combinations that transmit the characters through a Bluetooth radio. This device can be used by phones or tablets that run the iOS or Android OS. Furthermore, Windows and Mac computers as well as Smart TVs can also make use of this wearable keyboard. The battery can apparently last for four hours with heavy usage and 72 hours on standby.



At the moment, the wearable keyboard device isn?t on sale yet. However, you can register to be included in the waitlist to secure an order when it comes out. It is supposed to launch in late 2016. Will you buy this device?

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