Weapon X’s Inside Scoop Update 01/25/10

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What pill do you want to take? The red pill or the blue pill? Take the red pill and you can live your life free from all things games in this world. Take the blue pill and you will forever be covered by the glory of games and the secret info that is. I can give this to you. I am Weapon X. Let the games begin.

What’s up gamers!!! This is just a small update to my post last week on the site. I have more info on God Of War 3 for you all that have been waiting. I can know confirm that we will see God Of War 3 on GTTV( GameTrailers TV) on Spike in the very, very near future. I got confirmation from the man him self Geoff Keighley on twitter.

Her is the conversation as follows:

“@ geoffkeighely I know you may not be able to answer this but are you going to cover God Of War 3 on your show?”


@WeaponX09-“Yes, we definitely plan to cover God Of War 3 on GTTV!”

End of quote.

I do not have a date as of right know but we should be able to finally see some new footage of this game. The wait is almost over guys! Just hang in there!! Word to the wise. I would not get your hopes up over this. As we all know in this industry things can change on the drop of a dime.

This has been Weapon X with your inside scoop. Be blessed and keep gaming.

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