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It’s the year 2010 and the world of gaming only has one man going against the grain of the gaming world trying to bring you the rumors that they don’t want you to know. Let the games begin.

This week we have all witness the all that was the screen shots of God Of War 3. Many have asked when are we all going to see the brand new trailer for the game? Right know it seems that Sony is trying to make you anticipate the game more by not showing you what you want when you want it and boy do I want to see this. I say hold fast to your dreams. You should be able to see it soon. How you ask? Well if I were you I would keep an eye on the previews at your local theater starting soon. Very soon!! It seems that Sony and Sony Santa Monica Studios want to really show you this game in an epic way and oh my, how epic its shaping up to be. All I am allowed to say is that something EPIC is being planned right know for the fans of the game and the general media alike. As to what this could be no one knows but you may want to stay tuned to GTTV on Spike. Brand new game play footage may be shown this season just before the game comes out. THE END OF THE GOD’S IS NEAR.

Cross game chat. You love it!! You have prayed for it!! You have begged for it!! Its only one of many features from the XBOX 360 that everyone wants on the PS3. We all know its coming. The question is when is it coming? Well look for something between the next update and E3. Although nothing is confirmed Sony is aiming to get this feature out soon so we all can talk about our experiences instead of texting about them. There is also another update that is coming involving the integration of NETFLIX that was talked about the latter half of last year. We all could soon see this feature fully integrated into the system sometime around September time frame. Note to self. Once NETFLIX is updated I need to stream every episode of Spartacus.

Halo fans get ready. Halo maybe reaching out to you in the form of a brand new 360 bundle. This bundle is suppose to be like unlike any bundle before it with all kinds of goodies and a new color. I wonder what color it could be? Just so long as its not the ugly OD green color it should be cool. Since Halo Reach is going with more vibrant colors I would expect the system to be fashioned after this idea alone.

Wow!! EA can’t win for loosing. It looks like Mass Effect 2 has leaked on the internet and is being downloaded at a rapid rate. The upcoming game is due to release on January 26, 2010 for the XBOX 360 and PC. If you are a true gamer or gamer in general then I’m asking you to please support your games and go buy them so we can all keep getting great games by these developers. If we all stand the pirates will fall.

I am Weapon X and this has been your inside scoop. Remember everything I say is just a rumor so take it as a grain of salt. God Bless and keep gaming.

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