Waze Beacons Innovation: Popular Navigator ‘Beacons’ Your Way to Tunnels, Eliminating Tunnel Blindness

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Google Waze Carpooling Service
Google Waze Carpooling Service

Popular navigation map, Waze, is expanding its reach to hard-to-detect areas of traffic. In a recent report, the company plans on seeking the help of city tunnel owners in order to make navigation easier for travelers. This new innovation from Waze, called the Beacons Program, requires the installation of Beacons in tunnels in order to transmit signals to Bluetooth-enabled smartphones.

While the service is free to users, Waze may charge tunnel owners for the beacons which cost around $28.50 per beacon. One mile is equivalent to 48 beacons and that is why, Waze is seeking the cooperation of tunnel owners.

Apparently, Waze and its users will not be the only ones profiting from the program. The company reveals that by installing the beacons, tunnel owners will have less problem managing traffic. Possible accidents will be avoided because users will be able to detect the traffic condition in the area.

Interestingly, Waze is not claiming their innovation. In fact, they also encourage other navigation maps to use the beacons in order to help their respective users. It is free to use and is available to all users with bluetooth mobile phones.

Waze Wars

How Does Waze Beacons Work?

This works by un-encrypting the signals and transmission of the Waze beacons. By doing so, Google and Apple can also use the service and provide the same innovation to their subscribers.

Plans to install the Waze beacons have already been designed, with Rio de Janeiro and Paris to experience the innovation first hand. Waze solution to ?tunnel blindness? is apparently paying off.

As Waze describes it, the beacons are ?Cost-effective, battery-operated, low-energy microcontroller hardware installed on tunnel walls. Powered by Eddystone beacon technology, Waze Beacons have Waze-specific configurations to transmit messages directly to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, used as an alternative to GPS signal. Waze beacons are FCC and CE approved.?

The Waze beacons program is open to all Waze users worldwide once the program is initially installed. Are you an active Waze user? Tell us your one of a kind experience using the navigation map by leaving a comment on TheBitBag.


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