‘Wayward Pines Season 3’ News & Update: Season 2 Recap, New Season Release Date

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Will there be a new haunting in the county of Wayward Pines? Or will the story end with people trying to fit into the cryogens in an attempt to save the human race from an outbreak? “Wayward Pines Season 3”?is currently under the radar and whether it?s meant to return or not, there are a few story arcs that need to be fulfilled in order to connect cohesively to the ending of Wayward Pines Season 2.

A recap on what happened in season 2 reveals how Theo (Jason Patric) immediately took over Wayward Pines after Jason (Tom Stevens) died from gunshots. He could have survived, if only Dr. Theo took the effort to attend to his medical needs. Now, all that?s left is for Theo is to try and put back most of the humans in the cryogenic pods and try to save them from the outbreak.

Falling into the trap of scientific excellence, Theo tried to sacrifice himself and avoid getting into one of the cryogenic pods. By doing so, he?ll be able to experiment by injecting himself with the virus and risk getting exposed to the remaining humans who weren?t lucky enough to get in the pods.

Theo, on the other hand, will welcome the sacrifice as he plans to get eaten by Margaret and the Abbies and eventually spread his virus amongst them, hopefully to permanently eliminate the Abbies. It is like the fight to remain a significant part of the Earth, yet also be a scary living threat amongst monsters that lurked behind the fences of your homes.

Now, with “Wayward Pines Season 3”?having no indication of returning, there?s so much story arc that needs to be fulfilled. Meanwhile, creator M. Knight Syamalan hinted that he can totally expand the story to a third season. He also said ?I think we can say it?s a three-season story. If we get the opportunity to tell the third and final season, we can finish the story.? Do you also believe that Fox needs to order “Wayward Pines Season 3”?in the future? Don?t miss the show?s updates by reading on TheBitbag.

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