Wayward Pines Season 3 Cancelled? Here?s What We Know

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There is a huge possibility that Wayward Pines Season 3 will be cancelled. There are several reasons why. From the ratings to the plot, there?s pretty much a lot factors that will possibly lead to its cancellation.

Season 2 just concluded last month though it wasn?t as well-received as the series? first instalment. Season 1 was intriguing and the acting was exceptional, but the second one lacked in both. There was no big mystery and the characters and dialogue did not captivate the audience that much.

So, if Wayward Pines Season 3 does get cancelled, here?s what we know as to why it can eventually lead to that.

They suffered low ratings

The series? Season 2 ratings don?t give much hope for a renewal. The finale only drew 2.3 million viewers in total, according to Design & Trend, while the season averaged 2.4 million with a 0.7 rating. This is 36 percent less compared to the average total viewers of the first instalment.

The second season also recorded its lowest audience numbers ever with 2.1 million.



There?s no major mystery to solve

The main conflict of the show are the Abbies that surround the town. Season 1 already dealt with that, as well as Season 2, so there?s no new mystery to solve anymore if ever we get a Season 3. The second run was criticized as ?boring? and it didn?t catch the audience?s attention that much because there?s no more intrigue, save for the discovery that the Abbies are actually intelligent creatures.

Season 2 was a big disappointment for fans

The sophomore run was obviously not too well-received by fans. It?s clearly evident on social media with fans commenting that it was a ?downer? and it was the ?worst season ever!? One fan also commented, ?Started out good, Went south with pointless side stories and flashbacks…?

There are no more characters to look forward to

As Design & Trend points out, all the good characters are dead except for Adam Hassler. Other fan-favorites Ethan, Ben, Kate, and Nurse Pam were all killed off. So what more can Season 3 offer without these beloved characters?

What do you think? Would you still want a Wayward Pines Season 3? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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