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Ways to keep kids busy during an internet outage

Hint: Keep them entertained with fun activities!

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Kids nowadays get easily distracted with the internet. But when connection is lost, do you know how to pacify their impatience and keep them from crying?

Worry not! Here are activities that will entertain the young ones even without an internet connection.


Rubiks Cube

 Let today’s kids experience the joy of playing a modern version of your good old Rubik’s cube!

My son just turned 7... he received the GoCube last Christmas and now does 00:37.769 as his personal best. He asked his mom specifically to make him this cake for his birthday.




Let them play outside! Here’s a hoverboard with high-tech system that lets kids conveniently master all the action of hoverboard riding!

I don’t leave reviews very often but this scooter worth my time. It is a high quality balance wheel. My 4-year old just practiced about 5 mins then she can enjoy the fun all by herself. We are so happy because she loves it! Pros: It is easy to play,fancy looking,reasonable price, high quality. Cons: not found yet




 Want your kids to be more active and enjoy spending their time at home? Transform your backyard into a thrilling but safe play zone with a 150’ Blue Backyard Zipline!

My kids love this, we've had it for 7 years now. We just recently repurchased as the seat was worn. Very easy to assemble and has held up great. My 6 year old daughter is just now brave enough to get on it. All of kids love it and the neighborhood kids too 😉



DIY Crafts

 Crafting with Annie’s Kit Club is a fantastic way for kids to stay busy or make them learn new skills. This is also a chance to create fun projects together and make memories while they are still young.

There’s nothing better than seeing my son bonding with his Grandpa while working to build an @annieskitclubs young woodworkers craft. And how cool is this candy machine craft they were able to build together!



Play & Learn

 Kids will enjoy learning with this fun and engaging educational subscription box that aims to “empower and equip them with social and emotional skills to be the next generation of leaders, innovators, and world-savers.”

We have been giving this to my six year old for a year now and he has loved every single box!

Jen T.



 Let them use their imagination through books! Kabook! transforms every child’s reading time into a personal, powerful, magical experience by allowing them to become the lead-characters in a storybook. The website is able to do this using user-photos uploaded upon ordering the book.

Kabook is such a fun experience for kids from start to finish. Seeing the amazement in their eyes where they are "magically" in the story is so cool.

Jennifer G.



 Puzzle Up are an endless source of fun. The jigsaw puzzles` journey doesn’t end with the last piece! Put all details together on your own or with friends, then download the application once you’re back online to make it an augmented reality.

This is seriously one of my favorite recent purchases! It’s quality is awesome, the concept is so cool. I wanted to better occupy my free time and exercise my brain instead of mindless phone time. This will definitely be future gift ideas for my people in the future.




 Wishbone bikes are the perfect toy for all the toddler years! With the ability to transform from a tricycle to a two-wheel bike, it’s easy to see why they’re so popular and sought after from parents all around the world.

Our son cannot deal with a bike with 2 wheels because of his balance, but he is the king on his Wishbone bike! Really great, he is so proud (and we are, too). For children who are not so balanced or who are not so quick with their balance etc, this is really great.


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