Tips on How to Protect Your Facebook Account From Being Hacked

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Facebook Hack
Facebook Hack

Facebook is one of the most popular sites on the internet. Despite the fact that its security has been plagued by never-ending issues, people still like to sign up for the service. This made the social networking site the giant it is right now. Facebook became more than just a place to find your old schoolmates. It has become the virtual you. You can share almost everything ?online with the platform. Sometimes, all this sharing leads to something else, like accidentally sharing important information, usually private ones. This is where ?hackers? and ?crackers? of Facebook account gets the chance to come in. We list the possible entry points for Facebook hackers and how to avoid them.

Facebook Password Reset

One possible chance that a hacker can hack your account is through password reset function in Facebook. If the hackers know your email account, they can do this thing. Even if they don?t know the password, they can get help from 3-5 of your friends by confirming the account. The hackers can make additional accounts and add your account to do this. Plotting this may take some time, but it works. In order to avoid this, never put the email you used for Facebook publicly in your profile. Don?t make it easy to guess the ?answers on security questions as well.

Keylogger Software

This one is pretty common among the hacking techniques used by some. It?s pretty convenient, but pretty obvious too. The software needs to be installed first on your computer before it can ?log? keystrokes. If you aren?t keen enough how the thing got on your computer, installing a firewall would be a good idea, as it would monitor what goes in and out of your computer through the internet. Using a password manager also helps. A keylogger will only log what is typed on the keyboard, and the password manager lets you manage or change your password without the need to touch your PC Keyboard at all. Also, try checking the startup items on your computer by clicking the Windows button, then click ?Run? and type ?msconfig?. In the startup items tab, scan if there are any suspicious items lying around there and simply delete or uncheck them.


Another ?popular? way to obtain login credentials. The hackers get the login information here by letting their victims visit a fake site. For instance, a fake Facebook login. It is pretty easy to avoid this. Always make sure that you are on the right address in your address bar. If it looks fishy, it definitely is.

There are still lots of ways a hacker can get access to your Facebook account. One general rule of the thumb is to regularly change/update your password to reduce the likeliness of these things happening. Also, limit what you share online.

It is not just Facebook, but other services are prone to this type of mischief online. You can also check out how to take care of your Apple account here.

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