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Wattpad: The Cheaper Alternative to Your Reading and Writing Addiction

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Wattpad is the social networking site for aspiring writers and habitual readers. It has been a massive success since its creation last 2006 as a result of the collaboration of?Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen.?In February 2007, Wattpad announced the addition of over 17,000 eBooks from Project Gutenberg. They were also made?available to mobile users.?In June 2009, the mobile application had been downloaded over 5 million times.?In March 2009, an iPhone version was released and it was followed by its launch on the BlackBerry App World in April 2009, Google Android in June 2009 and Apple iPad in April 2010.

Readers and writers all over the world are hooked on this app. The question is: why? What is its edge over plain e-books and traditional paperback and hardbound books?


  • Wattpad makes it easier for writers and readers; all they have to do is simply go mobile. According to the app,??70% of the time spent on the service comes from users who are using the app on tablets or smartphones. The mobile version makes it easier for its users to use the app because they can bring it anywhere they want to.
  • Variety is not a problem because there are so many genres and book types to choose from.?You can choose from numerous novels, authors and book titles featured in the app. There are also books in different languages. Your preferences are easily satisfied.
  • Writers can write anytime, anywhere.?In 2012, Wattpad added a “Create” functionality for Wattpad due to consistent public demand. The addition of this new feature made it easier and more convenient for writers because writing stories is also possible now in their portable devices. Now, even if you are waiting for a bus or taking a break at school, writers can update and write new chapters for their stories.


  • Editing and updating is done faster. If you feel like changing something, say the flow or plot of your story, you can easily do so with Wattpad. You can also??jot down notes, make quick edits and fix typos. This is one feature writers especially like about this app.
  • You can socialize with different users all over the world. Need feedback on the novel you are working on? No worries! Comments and feedback are highly welcomed. You can even make new friends from all the threads available in the Wattpad community. Talk about new reads and good finds.



Wattpad is definitely not just your ordinary book. It serves many purposes for absolutely no charge.

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