[Watch] Topless Jewelry Saleswoman Selling Diamonds; Popular Jewelery Shop in China Can’t Afford Uniforms?

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The demand for jewelry, especially gold, is currently down in China. In fact, the demand for gold and jewelry are expected to plummet in the near future according to analysis. As a result, jewelry shops and companies have to make up something that will attract attention.

Improvised Skirts and Nipple Pasties

Meanwhile, the bad outlook for jewelry explains why the shops are resorting to weird gimmicks. In order to boost sales, a jeweler named Chow Luk Fook made its employees topless. According to Nextshark, pasties are the only thing that covers the nipples.

In fact, these pasties are also designed to imitate a jewelry, their product. In the meantime, one of the customers filmed his jewelry browsing in the same shop. The video was originally uploaded to

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The video shows an employee wearing an improvised skirt. On the negative side, most of the employees looked ashamed when the customer filmed them. Because of this, the Chinese netizens criticized the shop and branded it as a cheap stunt.

Netizen?s Response

For instance, one netizen in China stated that the owner should feel embarrassed for it. It seems like the owner has forced the salesladies to do this. Meanwhile, another netizen commented ?So pathetic, the sales are so bad it can?t even afford to buy staff uniforms?

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Apparently, it?s not the first time that the shop resorted to this kind of publicity stunt. According to Big Apple, one of the shop?s outlet also had half-naked painted models. The outlet was opened way back in 2013.

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Chow Luk Fook To Continue Their Practice

Investingnews stated that investors have already predicted the peak gold for 2016. In other words, these women will remain half naked until the sales in China improve.

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