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Watch Dogs: The Best Skills That You Should Focus On

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If you?ve been playing Ubisoft?s Watchdogs for quite some time, you?ve probably leveled up enough to unlock every skill in the skill tree. But for some players out there, unlocking all the skills is not needed. They just want to know which skills should they be focusing on, or which skills should they unlock first, at very least.

To help you guys with that, we compiled a list of the best skills in Watchdogs that will help you get through the intense moments.

Hacking ? Everything
Whether you play the game using a run and gun style or using stealth gameplay, you?re gonna need every hacking ability in the skill tree. There will be missions where running and gunning is not advisable, and almost every mission is made easier with the help of the proper hacking skills. You should be focusing on? everything here except the Profile Optimizer, Extra Battery and ATM Hack Boost. These skills are also good to learn, but you should unlock them as late as possible.

Combat Skills ? Focus
Focus greatly boosts your combat skills. The ability to take down your enemies with ease and slow down time makes almost any enemy engagement a walk in the park. This skill is very useful in almost any situation.
Actually, everything in the combat skill tree aims to make combat easier in Watchdogs, but we certainly think that the focus skills are the most beneficial.

Crafted Items ? IED
This IED is an explosive device with a remote control trigger. You can set them around the area, then trigger them when your enemies approach. These explosives works well in intercepting and taking down vehicle convoys.

Crafted Items ? Jam Comms
Jam Comms are quite handy than you might think. You can use it to intercept a call and avoid getting detected by the police. The same goes for your enemies who are going to call for back up during the battle.

Driving Skills ? Car Unlock
Once you have enough money, you may be able to buy any car that you want in Watchdogs. But, until that time comes, you will only be relying on the vehicles on the street. If you don?t have this skill, you?re gonna be needing to smash car windows to get a car. But doing this will cause to draw too much attention, and the police may even get called.
With this skill, there is nothing to worry about. Alarms will not go off and no attention will be drawn to you.

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