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Watch: YouTube’s Most Watched Videos

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Top videos by YouTube
YouTube’s Top 6 videos

During this weekend’s Fourth of July celebration, a mesmerising YouTube video of a fireworks display created by Media JJ, was circulated around the Net for having been shared more than 8-million times!

The video has definitely raked an impressive amount of viewers, but it’s still not YouTube’s most viewed video of all time. Upto today, it’s Korean Pop Star Psy’s Gangnman Style that continues to dominate the online video site?with 2,366,542,614 views!?The 2012 hit is still the only video in YouTube that has reached the 2-billion mark, followed next by Baby starring Justin Bieber and Ludacris with 1,184,465,008 views.

Looking at the figures of YouTube’s Top 5 videos (6,528,160,553 views), it seems that Facebook still has a long way before they can topple the video website. Facebook recently challenged YouTube when it comes to cornering a big share of the online video advertising market, by offering revenue shares.

In a report however, Robert Kyncl, YouTube vice president and Global Head of Business, downplayed the threat and said that their site along with their competitors, have enough room for a healthy competition. The Global Head of Business also said that considering YouTube’s loyal users and watchers, it would take a good 10 years before Facebook can compete with their company head-on, and even then, YouTube is likely to still be ahead of the pack.

Currently, YouTube has over 1 Billion users, with 300 videos being uploaded every hour, and hundreds of millions of hours are collective?spent daily just watching videos from the site.

So what are the videos that’s?lording over their charts? Here’s our most updated list:

Gangnam Style by Psy
The Korean popstar continues to enjoy being #1 in YouTube’s list as the #2 video needs another billion to catch-up.

Baby by Justin Bieber and Ludacris

The Bieb’s first hit single is still making hearts flutter as YouTube’s #2 most-watched video.

Dark Horse by Katy Perry
The American pop songstress’ Egyptian-inspired video wows at more than 1-Billion views.

Blank Space by Taylor Swift
It might be Taylor’s highly-publicized call out to Apple last month regarding artists’ pay in Apple Music that’s steadily raising her Blank Space video to the 1-billion mark. Or she’s just really, really popular.

Roar by Katy Perry
The whimsical artist?gets another place in YouTube’s top videos with Roar’s animalistic appeal.

Bailando by Enrique Iglesias
The Spanish version of this love song that also stars Descemer Bueno and Gente De Zona is also nearing 1-Billion views. Latino charm is clearly working behind the success.

All About the Bass by Meghan Trainor
The song’s super catchy beat, not to mention empowering message toppled what could have been Taylor Swift’s second song in the top 10 most-watched video in YouTube.

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