WATCH: ?Uncontrollably Fond? Spoiler Shows Kim Woo Bin Stripping Down!

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Kim Woo Bin plays an arrogant celebrity in “Uncontrollably Fond”

An ?Uncontrollably Fond? spoiler is heating up the internet. In the leaked clip, lead star Kim Woo Bin is seen in a steamy post-shower scene!

The Korean heartthrob plays an arrogant celebrity named Shin Joon Young in the KBS series. Promotional clips for the romantic drama have shown his character?s overly-confident attitude while he drives luxury cars and performs in front of screaming ladies.

The recently released clip shows just that ? and much more. A series of still photos from the set were compiled to form a slideshow, showing Kim Woo Bin right after taking a shower.

Wearing just a towel, the 27-year-old flaunted his six-pack abs and overall toned physique. He has a lost expression as stands in front of a mirror and applies skin care products.


Kim Woo Bin

Coincidentally, the steamy ?Uncontrollably Fond? spoiler was released amid recent reports speculating that Kim Woo Bin might have been the third party in the controversial split of his leading lady, Suzy Bae, and fellow Korean actor Lee Min Ho.

While rumors pointed out how the two lead stars? closeness might have added to alleged problems of Suzy with the ?Boys Over Flowers? heartthrob, all the reports were just purely speculative. Both Suzy Bae and Lee Min Ho have not addressed all the rumors surrounding their break up.


Kim Woo Bin, Suzy, and Lee Min Ho

The team behind ?Uncontrollably Fond? could only hope that rumors insinuating an affair between its lead stars will not affect the show?s viewership. However, it is possible for its ratings to go down due to negative reviews that have been circulating the internet.

The criticisms were mostly because of the alleged poor acting of Suzy Bae, who plays a quirky documentary producer named No Eul. Viewers have gone to social media to call out the k-drama sweetheart?s ?hopeless? acting, saying it ?sounds as if she is reading out of a textbook.? Harsher commenters also scoffed that the doe-eyed beauty should just ?stop ?uncontrollably? acting and just stick to pictorials.?

Prior to its simultaneous international premiere last July 6, ?Uncontrollably Fond? has been dubbed by KBS as their follow up to ?Descendants of the Sun.? Those behind the Suzy Bae ? Kim Woo Bin starrer hope to repeat the success of the phenomenal wartime-themed drama, which reached record ratings of over 38 percent during its April finale.

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