[WATCH] Tokyo 2020: Japan Concludes Rio 2016 with Super Mario Overload; What to Expect in the Next Olympics

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Tokyo 2020

Rio 2016 is over, but the recent Olympic event did not end on a sad note. Rather, it ended with an explosive presentation, courtesy of the next host Olympic host country – Tokyo. The closing ceremony was presented by Japan?s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who came in wearing an endearing Super Mario costume and holding a red ball. With what was shown then, we?ll sure be looking forward to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
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As the fireworks blasted in the Rio skyline, athletes were celebrating their milestones, medals and world records; and the whole world watched the momentous event. Now, all eyes are on Tokyo. The Tokyo 2020 presentation at the closing ceremony had everyone all hyped up as many spectators wanted to know details about the next host. The Tokyo 2020 logo has been introduced long before Rio 2016 was held and if you are wondering what it looks like, you can view it below.

Photo From Tokyo2020.jp

Photo From Tokyo2020.jp

Expect a totally different Tokyo 2020 Olympics, given the fact that Japan is one of the most technologically advanced regions on Earth. Imagine what it can do for the Olympics. According to CNN, the technological aspect of Tokyo 2020 will range from state of the art facilities to hanging out with robot helpers to get around the city.

Some of the most advanced technology visitors can encounter during the Tokyo 2020 include the gymnast analysts being able to determine the player?s complex motions. This is presented by a 3D laser technology that visitors can also see. Hikariko Ono, a spokeswoman from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Committee, said ?Everybody can experience hypermodern living and respect for historic values in Tokyo. We’re proud of the public safety records, infrastructure, and hospitality.”

Tokyo 2020 will be the second time Japan will host the Olympics. In 1964, post-war Japan was Asia?s first taste of the Olympics after the country acquired the honor to host the 1964 Olympics. Specialist in Japan Olympics, Sandra Collins, said ?The Japanese wanted to show the world that were no longer a war-mongering nation…that they had arrived on the international world stage as a team player. I think the kind of hope that Japan is trying to perpetuate both domestically and internationally is that it still had the wherewithal, despite being an aging population with stagnant growth.?

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