The Ring Vs The Grudge: Where to Watch English Dub, Links Now Available Online?

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The Ring Versus The Grudge

The Japanese have done a super horror crossover movie with The Ring?s Sadako mixed in with?The Grudge?s Kayako. Thanks to Kadokawa films for making this possible and for giving us new nightmares once again. And now it seems that an English dub version of The Ring Vs The Grudge [Sadako vs Kayako] is available for online streaming. Is it safe to click?

The movie combines the two characters and their stories in one epic scare. It’s a?mashup of sorts. The movie features both a?cursed house and a video with a curse. A character named Yuri Kurahashi is added to the mix to play a?girl who gets caught in?between Sadako and Kayako. Other characters include an investigator/ university professor named Shinichi Morishige, a certain Suzuka Takagi who attracts the curse, and finally Kyozo Tokiwa, a spirit medium.

Here is the official synopsis:

After watching a cursed videotape, Natsumi has only two days before she will be killed by demonic entity Sadako. Her only hope is to pit Sadako against Kayako, a menacing spirit that inhabits a haunted house.

Will you ever be ready for this movie? Here are some of the reactions of those who have seen Sadako vs Kayako:

‘Sadako vs. Kayako’ is all about giddy ghostly entertainment and on a purely crowd-pleasing level, it delivers the goods. – Phil Brown, Collider

It’s just as silly as you imagine and even cheaper to look at, but it’s somehow perversely enjoyable anyway. – Rosie Fletcher, Digital Spy

…right up until this ended prematurely and irritatingly, I must admit I was with it all the way. – Luke Thompson, Nerdist

An English dub version of Sadako vs Kayako is now searchable online. And coming on top of that search list are most Asian drama streaming sites.?Please be careful when clicking links from illegal sites.

The Ring Versus The Grudge

Let us know what you think of The Ring Vs The Grudge?horror movie. Post your comments below.

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