(Watch) The Good, The Odd, And Just Plain Crazy: YouTube For Android Watch Anyone?

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YouTube for Android Gear
A new app plays YouTube on your Android watch.

A month ago, Lexus released a video of what?s probably the most believable hoverboard in the history of modern transportation. And though we?ve had a few appearances before that, it seems that the actual ?80s flying skateboard finally came into fruition only now. We?re still waiting for the actual release, but one thing is sure though — modern technology has already caught-up with us.

Lexus Hover Board

The future in mobility?

In the past few weeks we?ve seen some really amazing and crazy breakthroughs in the world of tech that?s spicing up our already exciting world. Here are some of our favorites:

The Good

This past few months has been all about free music, and we truly appreciate it! Apple Music is extending a free three-month trial of their long-awaited music streaming application, and people are getting into the groove.

Apple Music launched

Apple Music was launched along with iOS 8.4

Aside from a perceptive application that can help you build your own playlists, the fact that Apple?s personal assistant interface, Siri, can do the playing for you. A few weeks before that, Google Play Music opened up to the idea of free music as well ? totally stealing the spotlight from Apple, but seriously who?s complaining?

OnePlus, on the other hand, is giving away some really good quality Google Cardboard clones for those who want to try the amazing world of virtual reality (an experience hindered by the rather expensive, err limiting, Oculus Rift. For those of you who are wondering what?s a Google Cardboard, it is a virtual headgear made from cardboard and plastic lenses that you use with your phone to experience a virtual world. Practically a very basic oculus rift.

To get the OnePlus Cardboard clone, all you got to do is pay for the shipping fee of $5. A steal? You bet it is. So order here now.

The Odd

Facebook may be the last place to look for stable moral grounds, what with posts ranging from pure violent, to plain promiscuous. Still one do not question the social media site?s reach. Well some group in Brazil says they?ve had enough.

Forming their own free-from-sin Facebook site, some evangelical Christians from Brazil have launched the social media site as a way to reject Facebook?s sinful/ liberal interface.

Known as Facegloria, the concept of the site is to do some spiritual and moral cleansing said to be propagating in FB. According to its founder, Atilla Barros, “we want to be morally and technically better than Facebook.”

Agree with the idea? Don?t just like. You actually click ?Amen.?

Just Plain Crazy

Last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared his out-of-this-world concept of providing internet using drones, satellites and lasers.

?We?re working on new technologies that can extend internet connectivity even further. The main three things we?re working on are drones, satellites and lasers. The idea is that in the future, we?ll be able to beam down internet access from a plane flying overhead or a satellite flying way overhead ? and they?ll communicate down to earth using very accurate lasers to transfer data. We?ve already talked about some of our efforts in these areas, and we?ll have even more to share soon,? Zuckerberg shared during an online Town Hall over his FB account which was ?attended? by thousands of users including Stephen Hawking and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Honestly, if it?s coming from Mark though, it doesn?t sound so impossible. Nobody exactly believed in him when he first started FB, but look where he is now: Social Media empire.

YouTube for Android Gear

A new app plays YouTube on your Android watch.

And then there?s YouTube for Android watch. Yep, they went there. We?re not exactly sure what?s the point of watching a video in a tinnie-tiny screen but developer AppFour recently launched a new function that actually allows you to do exactly that.

Admittedly, this might just be the worst viewing experience but as it is also Chromecast-supported, you can search for a video using your watch and just ?beam? the video to a supported player.

But if you do insist on using up your measly battery watching tiny movies, you might want to know that the app is also Bluetooth supported.

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