[WATCH] Ryan Gosling Singing in La La Land Trailer Will Steal Your Heart Away

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The trailer of the forthcoming movie La La Land has recently been released and netizens can?t get enough of a singing (and whistling!) Ryan Gosling.

What?s not to love about Ryan Gosling? Aside from being a versatile actor, this good-looking Canadian fellow is a musician, an entrepreneur, a producer, and a humanitarian.

Directed by Damien Hazelle, who helmed the 2014 independent drama film Whiplash, La La Land is a full-blown musical set in modern-day Los Angeles. Ryan Gosling plays Sebastian, a struggling jazz pianist, while Emma Stone plays Mia Dolan, an aspiring movie actress. Sebastian and Mia meet at the time they are both starting out in the business. As they climb up the ladder of success, Sebastian and Mia encounter problems and decisions that threaten to tear them apart.

In his interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Damien Chazelle explained why he chose Los Angeles, California as the ?romantic setting? for La La Land, instead of the usual romantic and picturesque cities like Paris or New York City.

?There?s an incredible romanticism in L.A. that you don?t always see when you?re stuck in traffic on the 405. I wanted to make a big love letter to the city and focus on that push and pull that all young artists experience, between dreams and reality, which old Hollywood musicals are so good at expressing. I just love the idea of a whole emotional arc told purely visually and musically. And it?s a city that?s so filled with dreamers, most of whom won?t make it. I think there?s something poetic about that.?

Damien added in his EW interview that his movie would showcase a different L.A., one that?s not commonly portrayed in romantic movies.

?L.A. is weirdly the most filmed city in the world because the movie industry has been there forever, but it?s one of the least physical cities in movies. It doesn?t have a specific place in cinema the way that New York or Paris does. Which is why everyone has their own idea of L.A., and many are not the most pleasant ideas. But if treated the right way, L.A. is can definitely hold its own as a romantic playground.?

La La Land will hit theaters on December 2.

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