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Pusheen the Cat
Real life Pusheen

Facebook Messenger?s cute gray tabby cat Pusheen is really a loveable character and lately someone has found a real life Pusheen. An avid cat lover, Philippines? Facebook user Patis Soriano shared a adorable video of fat cat that just resembles the cat from messenger?s gif stickers.


The video of the real life Pusheen has already received 2.7 million views and over 80,000 shares. The cute fat Pusheen in video approaches to Sariano who exclaims that ?you are so big.? She wants the kitty to roll over and tries to persuade her, ?you can do it?. But unfortunately for Pusheen?s weight she can?t roll over.

Pusheen the Cat

Pusheen is an animated webcomic series that depicts the life and dreams of the titular gray tabby cat. It?has become an internet phenomenon and official Facebook page of Pusheen the cat has over 9.3 million likes while another million follow the character on Twitter.?The popular cat has become a fad with several clothing, accessories and other products coming up with Pusheen branding.

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Pusheen was first created by artists Clare Belton and Andrew Duff as a character in their webcomic ?Everyday Cute?. The comics launched in May 2010 revolved around the lives of the characters modeled after Belton, Duff, their yellow dog Carmen and Pusheen.

The chubby gray tabby cat is based on Belton?s childhood cat. Pusheen?s name stems from the Irish word ?puisin? (?kitten? in English). The name?was given to the cat after she was adopted from a shelter.

Starting 2011, Everyday Cute announced the launch of a separate blog for Pusheen animations. Three animations and one static webcomic about the games Pusheen likes to play were posted on the blog. The character?s popularity has grown ever since with several thousands of comics, animations and gifs of the fat cat.

Also, check out all the latest comics and Pusheen animations from the offical blog at Pusheen.com. You can even subsrcibe for cute cat branded products for PusheenBox.com.

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