[Watch] Piko Taro Teams Up with Cookie Monster and Elmo for New Viral Hit

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Piko Taro

It seems like Piko Taro is taking it to the next level.

Just when it seems like the end for the Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen (PPAP) craze, Piko Taro has everybody dancing again with another rendition of the PPAP song. No, he didn’t make a third verse of his song (thank God); but he’s changing the lyrics!

People are surprised with Piko Taro’s new version of PPAP. And this time, he’s doing it with someone (or something) else. Who would’ve thought the famous Sesame Street Characters, Cookie Monster and of course, Elmo, will join Piko Taro in his PPAP craze?! This guy’s just too unpredictable!

Who’s Piko Taro?

For ?the sake of those lucky people who still don’t have any idea who Piko Taro is, let me note it down for you. Piko Taro is:

  1. A Japanese Entertainer portrayed by Kazuhiko Kosaka
  2. The Genius who created the PPAP Song
  3. The guy who wears that leopard shoal

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But what is PPAP?

PPAP is definitely not an organization; PPAP stands for Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen. As stupid as it may sound, the PPAP craze has made it into the Guinness World of Records for being the shortest song to get a spot in the Billboard Hot 100.

It’s short, it’s dancey, and it definitely gives everybody the Last Song Syndrome (intentionally or unintentionally.) Since it was so successful, Piko Taro released an extended version of the song. Like literally extended the pen into a larger pen.

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What’s in the Video?

The video basically has Elmo and Cookie Monster, with Piko Taro teaching our two childhood friends how to dance PPAP. Piko Taro acted as a “guest teacher” in Sesame Street.

The song still has the same tune as the PPAP song, but instead of saying ‘Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen,’ you say ‘cookie-butter-choco-cookie.’ Elmo and Cookie Monster were seen mimicking Piko Taro’s PPAP moves, of course, with cookie, chocolate, and butter-shape images in their hands.

Their video already gained almost a million views since it was first posted on November 17.

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