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Watch Out For HomeMake: An Ever Changing Cityscape Of Mind-swapping Madness Game

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HomeMake is an adventure puzzle game that explores an urban planetoid which is ?packed with structural insanity and madness in every way. This mind bending adventure game is being made by architecture students Franklin Cosgrove and Archgame, which bodes well because of the way the game was designed.

“With no previously published games, we understand we play the underdogs in this story. As architecture students, we have the ability to forego sleep and food to complete projects and meet deadlines but unfortunately pure willpower can only get us so far. Everything in the game is still under development. We are excited to continue honing what we already have and create even more content to give each player a multi-layered environment to explore, but in order to do this, we need your support!”

“Currently we plan to release HomeMake for PC, Mac, and Linux, but would love the opportunity to release it for Playstation, Wii, and Dreamcast as well. Made with Unity.”

The game is like a combination of tetris, in a more complex way, and geometrical puzzles.?The graphics is so colorful that you can?t take your eyes out of it.

The goal of this game is to travel around and understand the city by swapping various avatars with different points of view.

The presence of the urban fabric as a reversed planet makes a variety of exceptional moments.?Though its development and spaces?differ from one another, the consistent element on all structures is the gravity.

Accessible air volume diminishes as structures develop,?tensions emerge plus architectural?issues arise as structures start to?bump with?one another. The?view?of the city above and the nature of the street are in constant?dialogue with what is happening between structures as they crash in the sky.

This game will use a lot of heavy puzzles and secrets. For instance, Kiji the robot can shoot light and see sounds ,while Sadwiches the fox is colorblind but?has a compelling sense of smell.

This is quite a unique game that focus on a lot of concepts such identity and perspective.

The objective is to have it out by September 2015.

Image Source: Franklin Cosgrove

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