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Ore Monogatari
Ore Monogatari Anime

In the realm of romantic stories, it is very uncommon for the protagonist or male lead to be unattractive, or not even be the best-looking guy in the series. Ore Monogatari, or My Love Story, presents an unusual set-up, wherein the heartthrob, eye-candy guy is just a supporting character, while the hulking muscle head is the hero of the story. This unconventional arrangement adds to the series? charm and comic success. Coming from its first hit season, Ore Monogatari offers fans a final go with its characters through another installment in the form of a live-action movie (unless there are plans for a second season of the anime perhaps?).

Takeo Gado is not your typical high-school boy and definitely not the typical all-campus crush. He is very intimidating- muscular and very tall for his age- but has an innate instinct to help people in need, jumping into action right away without any delay. Although his physical appearance still sways people from seeing Takeo?s kind (and very cool) nature.

Takeo is loved by the other male students and is best friends with the handsome Makoto Sunakawa. It is depicted in the anime that while the boys think highly of him, Takeo has just no luck with girls, who usually end up falling for Sunakawa.

Ore Monogatari

Ore Monogatari Makoto Sunakawa

But one day he meets Rinko Yamato inside a train and saves her from a pervert, making her fall head over heels for Takeo. This event marks the beginning of a unique animated story about first love and friendships, presented in a light-hearted humorous and carefree fashion.

Join Takeo and his gang for some hulk-like fun. ?Watch it on Crunchyroll now or here.

Ore Monogatari started as a manga series written by Kasune Kawahara and is illustrated by Azuko. It was first released in October 2011. Madhouse turned Ore Monogatari into an animated series later in April 2015. The live-action movie was directed by Hayato Kawai (Suzuki Sensei) and was released last October 13, 2015. (wiki)

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