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Orange Animated Movie

The finale episode gave us a promise instead of a concrete fulfillment for Kakeru and his future. Here is a breakdown of episode 13 and spoilers for Orange Animated Movie.

Saving Kakeru

Episode 13 was an emotional roller coaster ride. At first there?s a feeling of frustration seeing Naho do everything she can to get through to Kakeru. Next is the feeling of love when Naho pushes herself more to end up not having regrets. The scene where she asks Kakeru out was very admirable because it took up all her courage to do so. Kakeru was shaken up and finally admitted his true feelings.

Then came the feeling of complete sadness. In the current timeline, happy Kakeru discovers his?mom?s phone and finds the message that she didn?t send back to him. in the previous episode, it was revealed that this was the cause of Kakeru?s death. However, this time, Kakeru still believed he needed to ask for forgiveness. To do this, he felt he still needed to die.

Good thing future Naho and friends guided the group through their letters to save Kakeru, especially on the night he was supposed to die. At first they thought Kakeru won?t show up on the intersection but then upon visiting his house, his grandmother tells them that he ran off suddenly. From this point on, it was a scary feeling, not knowing where Kakeru is and what he might do. Higata is starting to doubt that they can change the course of fate. A truck passes by and Naho sees Kakeru was about to get hit, but then Suwa caught him. When he seemed to be alright, relief filled everyone. Kakeru tells them that what really saved him is the friendship and happiness they gave him.

The future versions of themselves surely felt contentment now, knowing that they, in some alternate time and space, were able to save Kakeru and a world where he is happy exists.

Orange – Future

Orange Animated Movie

Orange ends its TV series with episode 13. However, MangaTokyo announces that Orange Animated Movie – Future is coming to theaters in Japan on November 18. It was reported that the movie will be based on a miracle born from a letter. Suwa will be the focus of this movie as he holds back his feelings for Naho to give way for a Kakeru – Naho future. ?From that day, I always wanted to show these two this future?

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