Watch: Old Spice Brings ?Muscle Man Surprise? In Video Game

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Muscle Surprise video game
Terry Crews stars in new Old Spice video game.

Good ?Ol Old Spice has done it again. The men?s deodorant brand, known through the years for its musky scent that reminds us of grandpas and men on horses (depending on the market), has once more tested the boundaries of absurd (but very effective) marketing stunts.

In a new online gimmick, Old Spice has created a YouTube video and online game that aims to attract the younger generation who are obviously spending majority of their time online. Considered a classic, Old Spice has always been associated to a more mature market, so the brand has been very aggressive in campaigns to encourage the younger generation to use their products.

Headlining their new gig is NFL player-turned-actor Terry Crews, who make for a very convincing man of Old Spice. In the game, Terry, or rather Terry?s well-chiseled body, opens up to different anatomical ?compartments? where users can play.

And as this is Old Spice, expect some really crazy adventures and characters such as a tiger, Terry as a comedy sitcom mother, an ?80s aerobics instructor, a villain, a robot, and a police that travels around the actor?s ?long arm of the law.?

Needless to say that the activities can get really absurd, but as it?s from Old Spice, it can be expected.

The video game is a ?bid to capture the attention of a video game-loving, digitally tuned-in young crowd that makes up a big chunk of the company’s audience, said Old Spice spokesperson Kate DiCarlo in an article.

“We know our guys love video games. We know they’re spending a lot of time engaging with their friends digitally,” DiCarlo said. “But they’re also spending a lot of time engaging with brands digitally, so we thought, ‘Why not give it a try and turn Terry into a game?'”

Get a hold at the hilarious ?Muscle Man Surprise? here.

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