WATCH: News Anchor Allison Kropff Interrupts Weather Report While Playing Pokemon Go [VIRAL]

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Allison Kropff, an anchor for WTSP in Florida, recently became a trending topic on the social media hemisphere after she accidentally walks in front of the camera while her colleague Bobby Deskins was doing a live broadcast of the weather report.

It turned out that Allison Kropff was so engrossed with the Pokemon Go app in her smartphone that she completely forgot where she was. She was probably transfixed on looking for the Pokemon that was lurking somewhere in her office.

Bobby Deskins took it in stride. Since his report was already interrupted, he spoke to Allison on air and with a laugh, made fun of her on-air booboo:

?Got a Pokemon? She?s looking for a Pokemon right now!?

But before he resumed his weather report, Bobby faced the camera and said, ?Guys, you gotta be careful with these phones, this Pokemon! You?re just walking around all over the place.?

Allison Kropff poked fun at herself and immortalized the hilarious TV moment on her Twitter. She posted a video clip of the funny moment and wrote this as caption: ??That moment you realize you may be addicted to ?#PokemonGO? ?@BobbyDWeather ?#RiseWith10

And because Allison Kropff knows how to laugh at herself, the rest of cyberspace is laughing with her, too.

Someone even took the time to turn the hilarious moment into a GIF:

The best part of it all? Allison Kropff was able to catch whatever she was chasing that day.

Allison is not ashamed to tell the whole world that she and some of her officemates are addicted to Pokemon Go. We can imagine that the names Pikachu, Bulbasaur, or Charmander are frequently mentioned during coffee breaks and those small talks around the office watercooler.

In fact, Allison finds it a blessing that her workplace appears as a Pokestop on the Pokemon Go app.

Bless this woman. By now, you?d probably have an idea what stories Allison Kropff would be reporting more often.

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