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Watch: Mukbang: Korea’s Foodporn Stars

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Mukbang is Korea’s own twisted version of foodporn.

With the onslaught of social media, it’s easy for one to transform from mere spectator to avid fans specially when it comes to people who lead such interesting lives. The phenomenon resulted to everyone documenting the most mundane part of their lives (like my coffee this morning), and?hoping that it can pass off as something extraordinary to other people.

South Korea’s Mukbang, as seen in this documentary by food website Munchies, is a metamorphosis of this social truth. Roughly translated as the country’s more ostentatious version of foodporn, these are actually video blogs of people who eat an insane amount of food while live streaming online. The shows were said to stem from South Korea’s strong belief that eating is an important social activity that must be shared with a companion — and in this case, thousands of live spectators.

People who do this, have become internet superstars, wowing their audience with eating so much food, and eating them with the most adorable expressions (probably the same faces that made K-Pop stars such a hit). These star, also known as BJ’s, have become so popular, that there are those who quit their day job just to do full-time bj-ing (foodporn pun intended), and earning as much as one-million won a month (roughly $9000), from fans who pay them so they can actually buy more food.

This videos used to be a regional thing only in Korea, but slowly, the Western countries are slowly getting into the phenomena. Case in point: Canadian couple Simona and Martina Stawski’s eatyourkimchi.com.

Whatever the reasons of these stars to submit themselves to such voyeuristic?situations, one thing is sure:?As long as they keep on eating, we’ll never stop watching as well.

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