WATCH: Ms. Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach Catching Pokemons in Pokemon GO in NYC

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Pia Wurtzbach?s Pokemon GO experience in NYC has made the 2015 Ms. Universe even more lovable than she already is.

A video shared on the official Facebook page of Ms. Universe last July 14. It showed the dark-haired beauty trying out the popular augmented reality mobile game while on the streets of New York, where winners of the pageant are based.

At the start of the video, Pia Wurtzbach explained that she had extra time before making an appearance at a nearby event.

?I?m about to go to a movie premiere but I still have some time. I got ready quite early so in the meantime I?ll be playing Pokemon GO right here on the streets of New York. Why not?? she cheerfully said.

With full hair and make-up done and while wearing a sexy, white off-shoulder top that flaunted her cleavage, the self-confessed gamer whipped out her phone and walked around to look for Pokemons.

What made Pia Wurtzbach?s Pokemon GO adventure so cute was how it was evident that she knew so much about the Japanese animated series that the game is derived from.

The 26-year-old stunner confessed that her favorite Pokemon is Pikachu. The yellow creature is regarded as the main character in the franchise.

At the middle of the 6-minute clip, Pia Wurtzbach even sang several lines of the Pokemon theme song. “It’s so embarrassing that I know the song,? she jokingly said. ?That’s gonna be online.”

A male fan even approached the controversial title holder for a photo opportunity. Pia Wurtzbach obliged, but not before she kept him waiting for a couple of seconds while capturing a Pokemon first. ?It’s a matter of importance,” she said while frantically trying to catch a character on her phone.

Pia Wurtzbach ended up getting a total of four Pokemons, cheering with every catch.

The Filipina beauty has previously confessed that she is a gamer at heart.

Her favorite RPG is Final Fantasy VIII, with the whip-wielding Quistis as her favorite character. Shiva is also her favorite GF or summon. She also boasted of finishing Kingdom Hearts without using Gameshark.

Pia Wurtzbach?s Pokemon GO video shows just how popular the game has become. It was earlier this month and has reportedly made Nintendo $7.5 billion dollars within just two days into its launch.

I have some time before a movie premiere, why wouldn't I try to catch some Pokemon? Catch 'em all with me! #pokemongo

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