[Watch] ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Gameplay to Include New Minigames

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay
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Thanks to a recently released trailer, fans now have a glimpse into what else to expect from Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay. While previous trailers showed Sora and his party not only interacting with his surroundings, but with his party members as well, new footage now shows that fans may be able to enjoy some retro gaming within the anticipated Square Enix title.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay to Feature Retro Minigames

As the most recent Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer reveals, the highly anticipated title — which will be released on the PS4 and Xbox One — is set to feature minigames designed in a retro fashion. The footage particularly shows protagonist Sora enjoying what appears to be a handheld gaming device. From there, viewers are shown several minigames designed in the same fashion as classic LCD games from way back when.

One minigame involves whacking enemies with a hammer. On the other hand, another game requires players to evade a giant as it stomps its feet, whereas another minigame involves having to deliver food. Collectively, these LCD games are being referred to as “Classic Kingdom.”

While the trailer pays homage to classic LCD games, it appears that these minigames will actually be playable as part of Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay. According to reports, the recent fan event for Kingdom Hearts Union X — known as Dandelion Meeting — revealed that the minigames featured in the most recent Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer will indeed be playable upon the game’s release.

This comes as delightful news for many fans, as it means there is even more to expect from Kingdom Hearts 3 once it finally comes out. It’s also worth noting that not only will Classic Kingdom be available in Kingdom Hearts 3, it will also be playable in Kingdom Hearts Union X as well.

New Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds

In other Kingdom Hearts 3 news, there continue to be rumors and theories on which worlds could be included in the upcoming game. Though other worlds have already been revealed, such as those from Toy Story and Monsters Inc., there is also speculation that a Frozen world may also be a part of Kingdom Hearts 3. This is due to several leaked files from an FTP server.

Although only file names were available, they were enough to give fans some ideas as to what they may pertain to. One of the leaked files featured an “FR02” file name, along with several associated icicle files. With this into account, some have deduced that Frozen could be an included world in Kingdom Hearts 3. However, such a theory remains to be speculation, as neither Square Enix nor Disney have disclosed any information on the possibility of Frozen being a world in Kingdom Hearts 3 just yet.

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