WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Mess Up Donald Trump?s Hair On ?The Tonight Show;? Debunks Wig Rumors

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After showing up on ?The Dr. Oz Show,? Donald Trump appeared on Jimmy Fallon?s ?The Tonight Show.? Fallon tousled the popular hair style of GOP nominee during Thursday?s episode. This act helped in debunking the rumor mill that claimed that he wears a wig.

Trump Does Not Wear a Wig

Fallon had asked the Republican presidential nominee whether he could do an un-presidential act with him, saying that he could be President of the U.S when by the time he arrives to show again, Associated Press reported.

Fallon asked ?Can I mess your hair up? I?ll be gentle.? Without hesitation Trump allowed him to playfully mess up his air by saying. ??The answer?s yes, but the people in New Hampshire, where I?m gonna be in about an hour from now, I hope they?re going to understand, OK??

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When Trump was asked about his bromance with Vladimir Putin, he replied by saying, ?I don?t even know him.? He added that, “I know nothing about him. I just think it would be good if we got along with Russia,”

The light-hearted interview was criticized on Twitter by several viewers saying that NBC was paid for providing extra air time to the potential U.S. President.

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Trump?s in Excellent Health

During a recent interview on the Dr. OZ show, Trump had revealed his new medical report. It indicated that he is perfect health condition. Interestingly, he said that,? I think temperament is my single greatest asset.? Many of his supporters may find it difficult to digest this statement.

When Trump asked what age does he think of himself when he stands in front of the mirror, he replied, ?I see someone who?s 35 years old.?

Both presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be taking part in their first one-on-one debate on Sept. 26. The debate will be moderated by Lester Holt, the host of NBC Nightly News.

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