[Watch] I am a Hero Movie Now Available Online? Stream and Download Links Appear

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[Watch] I am A Hero Movie

What sets?the?I am a Hero movie apart in the Zombie ? Horror genre are Hanazawa Kengo?s visually morbid story and art. It transports?its viewers to a disturbing apocalyptic setting. The manga’s initial success meant the easy production of the live action adapation. This movie version was released earlier this year in Japan.

Shinsuke Sato directs the movie, with actors Yo Oizumi, Kasumi Arimura, and Masami Nagasawa leading the cast. It garnered a 7.7/10 rating at IMDB, and is said to be at par with Korea?s Train to Busan. But some fans even say that the I am a Hero movie has a better ending.

?For so long we only have English zombies and Chinese zombies. This year we got our first Korean zombies and now we welcome Japanese ones. The zombie apocalypse genre is excessively tried and tired. How Japan, having some of the most crowded cities in the world, hasn’t gotten into the act is one mystifying mystery. Shinsuke Sato, adapting Kengo Hanazawa’s massively popular manga of the same name, understands the source material and totally transpose the addictive page-turning frenzy onto the cinematic medium. This is one crackerjack of a movie! If you have to force me to make decision, I would choose to watch this again over Train to Busan.? – ctowyi (IMDB)

And fans have to agree. The plot of I am a Hero is more than your?typical zombie movie. It’s not just a?zombie infection apocalypse with guns ablaze survival story. Characters are all far from good-looking. Even the protagonist, thirty-five-year-old mangaka assistant, Hideo Suzuki, is a weird-as-hell-hero in this manga series. Hideo, amidst the chaos, still tries to be a lawful Japanese citizen (putting his life in jeopardy a lot). New readers will notice something. As the story progresses, the people in the series begin looking more brain-dead and ignorant than the zombies or ZQN as they call them in the manga.


The manga and movie adaptation had very good reception from viewers and critics alike. As it is, some sites online have already uploaded an English sub version. These are up for streaming and downloading.?Please be careful when opening links from illegal sites.

[Watch] I am A Hero Movie

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