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Watch: Holy Cliffhangers! Batman Arkham Knight Fails to Launch in PC

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Batman Arkham Knight released today in Xbox One, PS 4 and PC.

Fans of the Dark Knight waited months for the release of the much-awaited Batman Arkham Knight in Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, but the latter seemed to have gotten the losing end of the deal with technical glitches reported?less than 24 hours since it launched yesterday.

The PC game seem to have significant audio issues, particularly in scenes where the Batmobile is being used. Slowdown of upto 30 fps was also reported, frustrating gamers who use the most sophisticated gaming rigs.

The glitch noticeably exasperated users, earning it as much as 2,065 negative reviews! Holy smokes indeed.

Game makers Rocksteady were criticized, with most players saying that the developers focused more on perfecting console versions. In a forum, Rocksteady addressed irritated customers by saying that they are already working on the problem.

Apart from the glitch, PS4 and Xbox gamers gave the Dark Knight a big thumbs-up.

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