Watch: Drug Users, Pushers Surrender As Philippine President Duterte Assumes Office

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President Duterte

The Philippines is entering a new chapter in its history. The new President, Rodrigo Duterte has ushered a new era in the country has his hard-nosed approach against crime and drugs has made everyone take notice. The person the media are comparing to ?Dirty Harry?, Duterte has made it clear that drugs and crime will be his top priority and in his first couple of days of office there has already been early results.

According to The Philippine Star, the first two days of the Duterte presidency has seen at least a dozen suspected drug traffickers and users killed with more than 700 drug users surrendering in Taguig, San Juan and Pasay cities. This comes as the crackdown on illegal drugs has swept the entire country.

Rodrigo Duterte took his official oath of office on June 30 and since then the effect and reaction all throughout the country can be instantly felt. This is certainly a great start for Duterte, who was earlier criticized by other countries. This includes the statements made by Australian TV host Paul Murray of Foxtel Network calling him an ?evil b***?, as reported by ABS-CBN.

The huge bulk of the drug users and pushers who surrendered came from the City of Taguig as a result of the administration?s new ?Oplan Tokhang? operation. Under the program, the local government units will be visiting the homes of known and suspected drug users and they will try to convince them to surrender for rehabilitation.

The early results are certainly an encouraging sign of hope for the eradication of the drug problem in the country. It remains to be seen if the Duterte administration can keep this pace going for the entire term but it is surely is an excellent start for the country.

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