Watch Dogs: What You Need To Know About Before You Buy

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Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs

In our last article (though it has nothing to do with an actual review), we mentioned that Watch Dogs is GTA 5 on roids. It actually is.

The game has been delayed for so many times, it went through some controversies as well, but the game is already out. So how did it exactly feel, being in Chicago and taking the role of Aiden Pearche? Did it deliver?

Watch Dogs world is extremely immersive, that each and every NPC, major or not, has this ?lifelike? breathing feel to them, making you feel that you and these NPCs actually belong to the game. Much like how the game Skyrim felt. In many ways, the game was very similar to GTA 5. You can free roam in a very huge city, divided into six districts with varying missions. People around the city reacts to what?s happening in the environment, like how the real world would work. You can carjack vehicles, and do complete mayhem while you?re wandering around the vastness of digital Chicago. A well written story. It feels like GTA 5 with added bells and whistles like gaining skill points to improve certain skills that can assist you in playing the game more effectively.

But it doesn?t stop there, and these features set the game Watch Dogs somewhat better (at least for some people) than GTA 5. Your main weapon in this game is your cellphone, which does all the hacking. You can hack almost anything, like streetlights, traffic lights, security cameras, somebody else?s phone or even webcams of people in order for you to pry into their ?private? lives. You do this to gather information in the game, or just out of boredom. It all boils down to your morality. The actions you take in the game will affect it. It?s similar to Fable in some way, where you can choose to be on the bad or the good side of things.

Graphics does not fall short of being awesome. Even the tiniest detail on the NPC?s faces are well delivered. Particle effects and even the explosions look fantastic. It might be a bit different from the original E3 trailer when it was first shown, but it looks cool nevertheless. Animations looks almost flawless.

The fact that anybody can hack through your game is a great idea as well. You can accept contracts that potentially pits you with other players of the game. This is a nice addition and an innovation at the same time. The gun fights in Watch Dogs are similar to that of Ghost Recon or Gears of Wars, so you really can?t go Rambo on the game. Duck, Hide, Shoot, rinse and repeat.

The story is well written in Watch Dogs and you won?t be feeling bored anytime soon as you start playing the main campaign of the game. There?s also a host of mini games to distract you on the game?s current story.

All in all, we can safely say Watch Dogs is indeed the ?Next Generation? game, if you haven?t bought it yet, do yourself a favor and check it out now.

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