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Watch Dogs: Useful Shell Game Tips

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In Ubisoft?s Watch Dogs, there are tons of mini-games, and the Shell Game is simply one of the best. You know how the game works, right? Right?? Well, in case you don?t know, it?s your basic ball and cup game, where you are going to determine which cup is hiding the ball once the dealer shuffles the cups around.

The easiest way to figure out where the ball is hidden, is by simply pausing the game after the dealer finishes his movements. Once the game is paused, you will be able to see the outline of the ball under the cup where it is hidden. It works like an x-ray vision, y?know.
Yeah, this may be considered cheating, and you might want a more legitimate way of determining which cup is hiding your ball.. Err.. ?The ball? rather. (lol)

Another way of figuring out where the ball is hidden is not quite as easy as pausing the game, but will be able to make you feel like you?ve earned your victory, and it is by using Focus. This skill can be acquired fairly early in the game, and it can be upgraded with the use of skill points, as your character levels up. This skill will make the dealer?s movements slower, making it easier to figure out which cup is hiding the ball under.

There are few things to remember though; you can?t just watch the cups as they move. While this may seem to work well at first, but when you reach level two or level three, keeping an eye on the cups will not be enough to make your guess accurate every single time. The dealer shifts the ball from one cup to the other almost every time two cups touch, and you must realize that.

You will have to use your Focus when the cups touch, and it is at this point where you?ll need to keep an eye on the bottom of the cups to really figure out where the ball is being moved. If worse comes to worse, of course, you can just do the ?Pause Tip? or ?Pause Cheat? before you make a guess to see if you would have guessed right.

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