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Watch Dogs Unlockables And Trophies Guide: Breaking The Code

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Playing Aiden Pearce, (an elusive vigilante and consummate hacker) is a real treat. To intensify the experience and pump up the excitement, I give you a thorough guide on the Unlockables and Trophies that players can siphon through the game.


Additional Attires/Costumes:

You can acquire additional attires to mask Aiden?s sophisticated guise, follow these tips. Complete each Digital Trips as indicated below.

  • Alone ? Successfully hack all towers.
  • Spider Tank ? Clear all missions.
  • Psychedelic ? Complete all 17 tracks.
  • Madness ? Endure all phases.

Unlockable Artilleries/Weaponry:

No better way to engage in a heavy firefight than to have a deluge of powerful armaments to dispatch those pesky enemies. Enough said, here it is! You can acquire the hidden weapons in the game below by following the corresponding stipulations.

  • Gangster Tommy Gun ? Scan 17 QR codes.

  • Wildfire Assault Rifle ? Engage in an investigative mission to solve 6 missing person cases.

  • Chrome Revolver ? Intrude in 20 crimes.

  • Destroyer Sniper Rifle ? Complete all criminal convoy happenings.

  • Spec Ops Goblin Assault Rifle ? Examine all 9 weapon crates.


Trophy – Type of Trophy – Trophy Description

Freeware – Gold – Acquire all abilities in the Skills Tree.

100% Clear – Platinum – Successfully unlock all available trophies in the game.

Free Radical – Silver – Evade a level 5 police chase.

Hardware Fail -?Silver – Shoot out a tire in 15 different cars in the game.

Bookmarked -??Silver – Tag 100 Adversaries in the game.

Peephole -?Silver – Finish all Privacy Invasion quests.

Road Rage – Silver – Finish all Criminal Convoy quests.

End of Line – Silver – Finish all Fixer Contracts quests.

Clear Signals – Silver – Unlock all CTOS towers.

System Mangler – Silver – Finish all CTOS breach quests.

Basest Base – Silver – ?Successfully infiltrate all Gang hideout.

Magic Smoke – Bronze – Dispatch 4 enemies in a single instance of Focus.

Hello World – Bronze – Eliminate Maurice.

Hard Crash – Bronze – Execute 10 vehicle take downs.

Escape Loop – Bronze – Successfully evade 15 police chases.

Superhighway – Bronze – Finish 10 Public Online Races.

Sanity Check – Bronze – Gather all 8 Burner Phones.

Power Cycle – Bronze – Partake in 5 City Games.

Read-only – Bronze – Finish the final mission in the QR Code Investigation.

Darkness Looms – Bronze – Finish the final mission of the Missing Persons Investigation.

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