Watch Dogs to Have More Surprises Coming

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Watch Dogs was a highly anticipated game but was moderately received when it launched a few weeks ago. Looking at things in retrospect, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot believes that the decision to delay the game was a good one. His reasoning is that the delay gave them a chance to prepare for what comes next.

In a statement, Guillemot said: ?Firstly, it gave us a way to make everything work together, you know, you spoke about online, about multiplayer and so on, and also, current gen. We needed more time to tweak all the things. And what is interesting also is that we’re already doing some extra content, and you will see more and more of the possibilities of?Watch Dogs quite soon.?

The immediate reaction here would be if there would be the typical DLC for the game but Guillemot declined to comment on that. He only said that he can?t say much about it as of now but that there would be good surprises for that in the future.

Ubisoft has a desire to increase the shelf life of their games. It?s related to their inspiration to have more and more games that are set in open worlds like the massively multiplayer online games. Ubisoft?s The Crew and The Division will both require online connections to be played while Assassin?s Creed: Unity won?t.

Ubisoft?s mindset is that things can change in the future and gamers have the influence to have things changed within a game. By having the game available online, Ubisoft can evaluate what players may want to have added or what can be tweaked in order to have a more engaging gaming experience. Gamers may decide not to play a certain game for a while then come back to a completely new experience on the same game. That?s the kind of experience Ubisoft wants for their fans.

While the idea is good, things don?t always turn out the way you?d expect. When Watch Dogs first launched, the online servers weren?t able to handle the traffic. Uplay seemed overwhelmed by the sheer number of players going online to play the game. It?s the same thing that happened with Diablo 3. If you want things done online, you have to make sure you have the necessary services under your belt to provide the best possible experience.

Although the surprises that would be coming to Watch Dogs aren?t yet known, it?s good that Ubisoft continues to strive to make a better game for its gamers. First thing’s first though. Servers should be able to handle any potential load to ensure a great experience.

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