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Watch Dogs Tips, Tricks and Guides You Should Know To Win The Game

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Watch Dogs, the recently introduced open-world stealth video game, was developed by game studio Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft Entertainment SA. It was released to popular consoles like the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 on May 2014. Ubisoft is planning to release a version for the Nintendo Wii U later this year. For those who already have it, here are practical Watch Dogs tips you can follow to stay competitive.

Watch Dogs Tips and Tricks

Watch Dogs Tips and Tricks

In the game, players need to control a skilled hacker named Aiden Pearce and take control of the modern city of Chicago. They may choose to side with the law, or against it. At times, different hacking options can be really difficult to execute. Sometimes, a player?s game may even be overrun by another player and it may hard to track down the culprit. As such, these Watch Dogs tips and tricks will guide you on how to avoid those as well as launch an effective assault.

How to defend yourself?

This is a relatively easy task as you?ll only need to locate another single character that is not controlled by the AI. In order to do that, you should target them aggressively so they can be isolated and recognized as the attacker. Since that character will do everything to hide himself, these Watch Dogs tips will help single them out:

  • If the attacker hasn?t started the hack yet, that?s your cue to run. Doing that will compel him to run after you so he may start the hack ? that way his location will be revealed.


  • If you pull out your gun and fire it, all AI-controlled characters will run, potentially exposing the hacker if he is already within the crowd. But remember not to be overzealous about it as the police may be drawn to address a violent situation.


  • Hurry up and seize those cameras. Only one player is allowed to look at the camera?s live footage at one time. Once you reach those cameras first you can prevent other players from using it to their advantage.


How to launch an efficient assault

To do this, you need to be aware of certain rules first.

  • Along the streets of Chicago roams a rival fixer who has all the secured information you will need.


  • Your goal is to hack that fixer?s phone, install a backdoor spyware, steal valuable data, and do all these without being detected.


  • Never harm the rival fixer as the data you stole will be worthless if the fixer is harmed.

Carrying out hacks occur in a few phases. If you learn about them it may significantly increase the odds of you executing the hack successfully.

Phase 1: You will only have four minutes to plant a virus on your target?s phone, make sure to install the hack completely within that range. You may spend this first minute of this time to close in on your target but remember to stay unnoticed. Cameras are useful in these situations.

Phase 2: Once this phase begins, 60 seconds are all you have to reposition yourself and commence the actual hack. Utilizing this time wisely will help make or break the game, so be sure to relocate unless you are certain that you?re not detected.

Phase 3: In this phase the hack will be set off. You should stay with the mini-map?s radius all the time once this phase has started. It?s a bad move to move around needlessly as you may lose track of your target.

Phase 4: This phase is only encountered by players who are caught but managed to survive. Your sole objective in this phase is to stay outside your enemy?s radius until the time comes to an end. Doing that may not be simple as there are people constantly aiming their gun at you. ?One effective Watch Dog tip to follow is to use your gun and fire a few shots so pedestrians may panic and run around, giving you enough time and cover.

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