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Watch Dogs Tips and Tricks: Dealing With Police and Gangs

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Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs

If you haven?t checked the Easy Money Trick and Quick XP Trick, it?d be best to check them out later, but since you?re already here, we?re going to share a neat trick on how to deal with cops and gangs in the big world of Watch Dogs.?

Remove Cops

We know that this is not a trick that everyone would love, but there are times when cops are just being a nuisance and you might have thought that removing them off would be a nice change of pace. There?s a trick that you can do to remove the police altogether, but you can only do this if you haven?t finished Act 2 ? Mission 9. Start that mission (called ?Uninvited?) and get to the point where you meet Jordi with the explosives. Proceed with destroying the truck with IEDs. After doing this, you will be given a new objective to reach Sienna Brick Factory. Normally, all missions do not allow you to leave a certain area and will give you 15 seconds to get back, or else the mission fails. This glitch in this specific mission does not. You can free roam and do anything without a worry of a single police popping out in the scene.

Clearing Out Gang Hideout Effectively

There?s an easy method to clear out gangs. The best way to breeze through them is by being precise with every action you do. The first thing to do is to hack the cameras at the entrance and inside the building to tag gang members and find out their weaknesses. Using jammers would also be very beneficial in order to prevent civilians from calling the cops once you start wreaking havoc, but this is optional as you can clear them out without a single one of them even knowing that you?re there.

Before starting, it is also wise to shoot out the tires of nearby cars (or remove them completely, one by one) to prevent the gang leader from easily escaping. The following steps depend on how you want to approach them. You can cause explosions to cause distractions, so you can kill the guards, one after the other or you can sneak inside and do it the old fashioned way. Once enough gang members are taken care of, the gang leader will try to flee. This is your chance to go for them and knock them out, while killing any remaining gang members who tries to interfere.

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