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Three New Watch Dogs Single Player Missions on ALL Platforms Unveiled

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Three new single-missions are now available for Watch Dogs on all platforms.

Also, these three new missions for Aiden Pearce will remunerate players with weapons, outfits and perks.

As indicated by Ubisoft, Watch dogs season pass holders have had ?access to this content a week earlier than others.

Here are a few things you may want to know about each mission.

The Palace Single Player Mission: Players must break into the luxury palace of an Internet Mogul, who has ?important info on Pearce and Dadsec, among thousands of others. Players must wipe his hard drive clean, and escape before the police raid occurs. And apparently you have to take out and silence the mogul.

Signature Shot Single Player Mission: This mission is a bit less complicated; however, this involves stealing of a smuggled biometrics weapon that only works with the first person to imprint his palm on the handle. Steal the package from Black Viceroys Gang and be the first person to?imprint the weapon.


Breakthrough Single Player Mission: On this final mission, Pearce is required to spot and wreck surveillance scramblers set up around a secret gathering in a Chicago Club. He has to eliminate every single person that took part on that gathering.


New missions requires new weapons. Included on the list of new weapons are a Biometric Rifle and an Auto-6 Pistol plus a new Dedsec battery, weapon boost, driving master boost and ATM hack boost.?

Dedsec Battery Boost?gives Pearce’s battery a longer life.

Blume Weapon Boost?for faster reloading and fewer withdraw for all weapons.

ATM Hack Boost gives Pearce more cash when hacking back accounts.

The Driving Master Boost?improves vehicle hit points.

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