Watch Dogs Review: How Does the Game Rack Up?

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Ubisoft?s Watch Dogs is sort of an Assassin?s Creed 4-GTA 5-Batman Arkham City crossbreed. However, even if the game has been influenced by so many other great games, it does not necessarily mean that it fares better. A number of smart concepts are here, an innovative setting can be seen, but the game, overall, lacks what many players nowadays are looking for: a totally different kind of excitement.

Yes, there are momentous events and quite a few impressive features here, but we can’t deny?the fact that it is also full of tired and ?same-old? aspects.

The plot is focused on the highly technological exploits of the main character by the name of Aiden Pearce, who is, by the way, not only a hacker but also a self-proclaimed vigilante.

Before any action is seen, players will learn that the main character and his partner, who goes by the name of Damien, got involved in a hotel hack job. Their mission goes down the drain and they ended up having a villain on their trail. The antagonist retaliates against Aiden, and Lena, his niece, dies because of this.

Essentially, the story here is Pearce?s quest to get answers and revenge. While the game is extremely dependent on its technological aspects, what really drives the story is the protagonist?s emotions.

In a nutshell though, the story of the game is kind of boring ? there is apparently something missing here. All of the game?s characters are stereotypes and unimaginative. Their personalities are easily forgettable, and their lack of motivations does not help at all.

For those who are still interested in playing the game, by all means, go ahead and do so. It still has its good moments and components, but do not expect too much excitement from it or you will just end up completely disappointed, just as what happened to many other gamers.

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