Watch Dogs Receives A New TheWorse Mod Version 1.0 – The Final Release From Modder Federico Rojas, A.k.a. ‘TheWorse’

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TheWorse releases his final Version 1.0 Watch Dogs mod

TheWorse releases his final Version 1.0 Watch Dogs mod

Watch Dogs has just been treated with a new mod (modification) developed by Federico Rojas, better known in the video game modding world as ?TheWorse.? The final and stable version of the mod, called TheWorse Mod Version 1.0, will bring performance enhancements, additional NPCs (non-player character), and more.

In an apparent move to disable most in-game effects following the E3 2014 demos, this Watch Dogs mod, along with other mod versions, was revealed soon after the game was officially released. TheWorse Mod V1.0 focused on reviving the quality and vibrant graphics originally seen during the E3 2012 Watch Dogs demo. Aside from that, version 0.99 already provides volumetric light, better HDR effects, better wind physics, variable depth of field, among others ? all of those will also be included in the final version.

In his blog post, Rojas has this to say about his recently released mod: ?This is the last release of my modification. I did my best to improve graphics and performance as much as I could without degrading the quality. I’m going on vacation for 2 weeks tomorrow btw. I hope you guys enjoy the game.?

TheWorse also listed the full changelog that his Watch Dogs mod will carry over to the game:

  • Several changes and adjustments to the rain, speed, intensity, etc.
  • Normal, aiming and sprint camera dof distance increased.
  • Bloom for storms changed.
  • Colorgrading settings adjusted.
  • Complete black bug fixed.
  • Other small changes.

Rojas? Watch Dogs mod comes in two variants: one with an HD texture pack from MaLDo (another modder) and one without it. The former is worth 770 MB while the latter is a 124-MB file. One of the more remarkable features of TheWorse? mod is the inclusion of more NPCs. Watch Dogs had been advertised to have a dynamic, lively world, but players later found out that the game seems to be dull in some areas due to the lack of people roaming around.

If you want to learn more (details, support, etc.) about this new mod, go here. Download links for the final Watch Dogs TheWorse Mod V1.0 are available ?from


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